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Construction is a big part of Interplanetary, and allows you to make offensive, defensive, and production oriented buildings.

Material Structures[edit | edit source]

Solar Plant[edit | edit source]

Solar Plant.jpg

Produces Power without using Material. The Solar Plant is the main method of power generation in the universe of Interplanetary. Using a large array of solar panels and mirrors which concentrate the energy to a single point, the Solar Plant is a tower of power modeled after real-life solar tower applications.

Produces: +100 Power/turn
Cost: +250 Power, -350 Material

Mine[edit | edit source]


Mines material. The Mine is a construction that provides resource Material. At the initial cost of 150 Power and 300 Material, the building is rather expensive to initially construct, but grants 100 construction per turn, allowing for the further construction of large buildings and cannons.

Produces: +100 Construction
Cost: -150 Power, -300 Material

Ocean Mine[edit | edit source]

Ocean mine.jpg

A sea-based mining platform. The ocean mine is the natural evolution of the standard mine, allowing for the gathering of resources from the sea bed. Though the initial cost is high, like the standard mine, having a presence of resources could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Produces: +125 material/turn
Cost: -250 Power, -350 Material

Offensive[edit | edit source]

Railgun[edit | edit source]


Basic Interplanetary Weapon. Requires 200 Power to fire. The Railgun is the primary weapon of Interplanetary. Utilizing many of the same technologies used in the Kinetic Defense unit, the Interplanetary Railgun is a seriously beefed up variant of normal railgun technologies, allowing for the hyper-acceleration and increased range to lay waste to planets many millions of miles away.

Cost: -250 Power, -400 Material

Laser[edit | edit source]


A highly concentrated beam of light, lethal and destructive. Requires 300 Power to shoot. The Laser is a long-range, highly destructive weapon which utilizes a highly focused chemical laser to cause high heat and penetrative damage. It is incredibly expensive to fire.

Cost: -250 Power, -500 Material.

Missile[edit | edit source]

Solar Laser[edit | edit source]

Solar laser.jpg

Using the concentrated power of the sun, rain destruction on your foes. Costs 500 Power to use. An alternative to the chemical based Laser, the Solar Laser uses concentrated solar power from many thousands of cells to direct an energy beam with extreme destructive capacity.

Cost: -250 Power, -500 Material

Asteroid Diversion[edit | edit source]

Asteroid diversion.jpg

Use the power and size of the surrounding asteroids to distract and destroy your enemies. Costs 700 Power to use. Asteroid Diversion weapons use the hulking size and mass of the asteroids surrounding your planet to destroy incoming missiles, distract the enemy, and cause mass destruction.

Cost: -500 Power, -2000 Material

Grey Goo[edit | edit source]

Grey goo.jpg

An experimental substance capable of mass destruction and diversion. Costs 900 Power to use. Unknown quality. Massive destructive potential.

Cost: -750 Power, -1000 Material

Defenses[edit | edit source]

Kinetic Defense[edit | edit source]

Kinetic Defense.jpg

Shoots down enemy projectiles with 90% accuracy. Requires 100 Power to activate. The Kinetic Defense cannon is a defensive unit which utilizes railgun technologies to hyper-accelerate an object towards incoming missiles, destroying them before they can lay waste to the planet. This is an extremely important unit, and should be constructed near cities for maximum benefit.

Cost: -150 Power, -200 Material

Shield Defense[edit | edit source]

Shield defense.jpg

An energy shield protects your cities and strongholds from incoming destruction. Costs 200 Power to use. The Shield Defense system is an energy based pulse shield, capable of stopping the destructive wave of missiles for a relatively short time.

Cost: -150 Power, -300 Material

Intelligence[edit | edit source]

Telescope Array[edit | edit source]

Telescope array.jpg

The Telescope Array allows for earlier warning of incoming missiles, and allows for long-range aiming and reconnaissance. Increase intelligence by 15 each turn. The Telescope Array is a large array of high-power electromagnetic telescopes, and allows for additional intelligence, accuracy, and more through increased scientific power.

Cost: -150 Power, -300 Material

Data Security Hub[edit | edit source]

Data security hub.jpg

Secures intelligence gathered from the field and abroad. Increases intelligence by 10 each turn. The Data Security Hub is an isolated stronghold where intelligence is gathered, stored, analyzed, and interpreted.

Cost: -150 Power, -300 Material