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The Resources of Interplanetary will determine both your ability to construct various defensive/offensive structures and your ability to deploy them over large distances.

Types of Resources[edit | edit source]

There are two fundamental resources in the world of Interplanetary: Power and Material, also known as Electricity and Production. These two resources can be gathered using the Solar Plant and Mine, respectively. While units often have a starting cost, that is, the cost to construct them at the start of combat, they also have a long term operating cost, such as the Railgun's cost per fire value, which makes having a steady production and energy supply crucial to success.

Planetary Resources[edit | edit source]

Resources can typically be sourced from your various planets and cities. At the top left of the game area, a gauge is shown, displaying your population, tech advancement, material on planet, mined per turn, final mining turn, and total energy output. These values are important to remember and work within, as they will dictate which weapons you can fire and which buildings you can construct.