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Team Jolly Roger is a group of Finnish nerdy people with a passion for creating games. Many of us have known each other since high school and worked together for years on both commercial and just-for-fun projects. Our curiosity for game development was turned into profession at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. Our specialties so far have been mobile games and XNA, but right now we are independently developing our first PC title, called Interplanetary.

Niklas Saari - CEO[edit | edit source]


Favourite Game: Cave Story
Special Skills: Turning otherwise useless information and cat videos into inspiration and game ideas.

Niklas is the guy tasked with the job of keeping the TJR machine rolling as smooth as possible. Sometimes this means wrench work and pirate language, but usually lubricating the gears with coffee is enough.

Antti Tikkakoski - Lead Programmer, COB[edit | edit source]


Favourite Game: Deus Ex
Special Skills: Cynical cat person.

Single-player hardcore PC gamer. Never have, never will buy a game console (will accept gifts to tinker with, however.) Also likes Sci-Fi stuff.

Tarita Tammela - Graphic artist[edit | edit source]


Favourite Game: Baldur's Gate
Special Skills: Overthinking, turning into a bookworm on full moon.

Teemu Tammela - Programmer[edit | edit source]


Favourite Game: Dark Souls, Ace Attorney series
Special Skills: Surreal logic, catlike curiosity.

Jussi Hyttinen - Programmer[edit | edit source]

4075094 orig.png

Favourite Game: Final Fantasy VII, Silent Hill 2
Special Skills: Vivid daydreaming and remarkable skill to forget everything that doesn't relate to gaming.

Jukka Kivijärvi - Graphic artist[edit | edit source]

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Favourite Game: Changing by the month. Currently, Kerbal Space Program
Special Skills: Jumping from one thing to the other, learning it as he goes.

Olli Leinonen - Programmer[edit | edit source]

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Favourite Game: Avoid Writing Your Profile Info and MTG
Special Skills: Not writing his own profiles, numerous club memberships.

Olli is a member of the Team Jolly Roger Code Wizards-gang, the spiritual leader of the I-Don’t-Feel-Like-Writing-About-Myself – cult and a frequent member of the quite popular in TJR “Facial Hair Appreciators” club.

Valeriya Paykacheva - Community manager[edit | edit source]

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Favourite Game: Katamari Damacy
Special Skills: Being amazing, complementing herself, pronouncing her last name correctly.

Valeriya is our absolutely fantastic marketing contributor, who enjoys spending her time with boring and tiring people with continuous eager talks about movies, rocking Trivial Pursuit and not caring about Olympic Games. Has never been bitten by a shark.

Sasu Kemppainen - Designer[edit | edit source]

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Favourite Game: Grim Fandango
Special Skills: Great at making pizza and eating it.

Sasu is our designer extraordinaire, who enjoys talking about Star Wars, playing stupid games and eating bread whenever possible. Determined to either design a genius game or to become a blitzball someday.

Riku Leinonen - Programmer[edit | edit source]

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Favourite Game: Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney
Special Skills: Breaking the repository, playing Super Mario eyes closed.

Code monkey likes tea and Dr. Pepper. Code monkey likes immersion and emergent gameplay. Code monkey very simple man.

With a taste for silly hats.